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My Wallet: - BNB

6% Daily ROI

Duration: Forever
Total return:
Minimum Investment: 0.01 BNB
Updated every second:


My Investment: - BNB
Available to Withdraw: - BNB

Total Payout (Referral Rewards Included): - BNB


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You need to invest at least 0.01 BNB in order to activate the referral link.

Earn up to 100% profits from your Referrals.

Referral rewards will be transferred to your wallet directly. You do not need to manually withdraw them.

Tier 1 (5.0%)

- Referrals

Tier 2 (3.0%)

- Referrals

Tier 3 (1.5%)

- Referrals

Tier 4 (0.5%)

- Referrals

My referral rewards: - BNB

About Us

BNBdaily is an open source ROI game that is 100% transparent and fair to all players, contract will run forever on BSC blockchain. After you deposit, you can start to withdraw every minute, each day you can withdraw 6% of your deposit, and this will continue forever if contract has funds. You can deposit more funds whenever you like or reinvest your profits and earn more ROI for each withdraw. For each deposit, contract gives 10% to referrers, 4% to developer, 3% for marketing and 3% for community. Referral commission is transferred directly to referrer's account and cannot exceed the amount invested by referrer.

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